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Anthropology 101, 101 H, 101 PACE



Gibbon Center
Evolution Articles

Anthropology 101

Truth Cannot Contradict Truth
Science as Falsification

—Anthropology 101 H

Evolution Court Cases
 Nonoverlaping Magistera

—Anthropology 101 PACE


—Santa Fe
 Punctuated Equilibria: An Alternative to Phyletic Gradualism
  How to submit your final What was God Thinking? Science Can't tell
  Zoo Project for Anthropology 101


Anthropology 102, 102 H, 102 PACE



Ethnographic Interview Project
  —Anthropology 102 Supernaturalism Project
  —Anthropology 102H How I grade essays
  —Anthropology 102 PACE

Mid—Term Questions for Honors

  How to watch films


Final Questions for Honors

  “The Hunters” Questions


Kpelle Moot questions
  “The Hunters” Day Count


Navajo/English Dictionary


Visiting a Pueblo

Modernizing the !Kung Project
  !Kung Labor Project



Anthropology 111


Bass Contest for Extra Credit

  Meeting Schedule Instructions for Zoo Project—Exercise 4  
  Zoo Project  
  Great Ape Data from the L.A. Zoo    

Anthropology 119



meeting schedule

Bass Contest for Extra Credit

Sleleton Tutorial


Anthropology 150A





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