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This page is designed to give you a place to start in searching the web. I am going to put a listing of some very interesting and scholarly sites here for you to visit. Let them be a starting point for your travels on the World Wide Web. Log on to them as you have time and then use the links that you find on them to widen your horizons on the web. Remember, the information that you are looking for is probably on the web somewhere. All you have to do is find it! Think of your time on the web as a great treasure hunt for you to find what you are looking for as well as lots of interesting information that you will stumble across as you travel the web. To go to any of these sites just clicked on the underlined word and, most of all, have fun!

If you are looking for for general information on anthropology you should look at The Anthropology Resource Guide compiled by Allen H Lutins. It is called
Anthropology Resources on the Internet.

A second source that links to many interesting sites and is kept current is at the Anthropology Department at University of California, Santa Barbara. The site name is
Cool Web Sites. Log on there frequently and you will find links to many other anthropological sources.

Applying to College

This site,ApplyToCollege.com simplifies the application process. Just fill out their universal application that is accepted by more than 975 colleges anduniversities in the U.S. You can even research colleges here and track your application process as well as purchase guidebooks and find financial aid information

Transfer to a 4–Year School Preparation

Are you planning to transfer to a 4–year school? Do you know what their transfer requirements are? What tuition costs? What housing costs? Better check out University of Connecticut’s links to Undergraduate Education. There you will find direct access to academic departments and programs in anthropology and archaeology. And… if you’re looking for something interesting to do next summer beside the beach there’s a direct link from that site to the Archaeological Fieldwork Server maintained by Cornell University. Every field project is looking for volunteers. Doing that for a few summers will really make your application for transfer look good.

Financial Aid

This site lets you search for a college, finda scholarships and loans, view campus maps, chat with other applicants, read about athletic programs, and even apply online to certain schools. If you're interested just log onto www.collegexpress.com to get the low down.


Do you plan to travel outside of the United States during vacation from school? Do you know which innoculations you will need to be safe while you are away? Do you know what the “time line” is for those innoculations? Better be safe than sorry. Check out the link to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention Travelers Page.

Bibliography Rules

Citing material that you've found and used in a term paper is confusing. Unless you have the latest edition of a guide you're out in the cold. The Sarah Byrd Askew Library at the William Paterson University of New Jersey has a easy to use and understand Guide for Citing Electronic Information. Use it and your professors will be happy.

The Greatest Library of them All

If you’re doing some special research there’s only one place to search. That’s theLibrary of Congress. This site is upgraded constantly with exhibits so visit it with some regularity. You’ll learn something new every time.

For more background information about any of the science programs on PBS link to the PBS Online Science page.

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