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photo by J. Zuckerman


  • Drive north to Santa Clarita on Interstate 5 (or north on the 405 which merges with the 5)
  • Take the Valencia Blvd. exit east (right)
  • Drive 2.5 miles on Valencia Blvd. and turn left on Bouquet Canyon Rd.
  • Drive 5.3 miles on Bouquet Canyon and after you pass a mobile home park on the left
    Drive approximately .5 of a mile
  • Turn right on Esguerra Rd. (may be spelled "Esquerra")--a dirt road which only goes to the right. There are several mailboxes and kennel signs at this corner
  • The Gibbon Center is .3 of a mile from the mailboxes
  • Drive on Esguerra through the generally dry stream bed
  • Drive .1 of a mile on Esguerra Rd.
  • Turn right on W. Galton Rd.
  • Drive .05 of a mile on W. Galton
  • Turn left onto the first dirt road that does not have a street name
  • Drive .1 of a mile to the clearing outside the chainlink fence, where you can park.

When entering the gibbon facility, please sterilize your shoes at the gate in the foot bath to protect the health of the gibbons.


last modified 02/06/2007

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