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New Developments in Anthropology


Are you interested in photos of early California? UCBerkeley'sBancroft Library has digitized many pictures from their collecttion.

UCSanta Barbara has digitized its map collection. Check it out.

The Los Angeles Times has an interesting site called The Launch Point Web site. There you'll find links to lots of interesting places.

If you're interested in Egypt or archaeology or mapping you need to look at The Theban Mapping Expedition site. Daily you'll find updates on the work of archaeologist Keith Weeks' excavation of a tomb in the Valley of the Kings.


Everything you wanted to know about the Scopes trial.
A profile of
Jane Goodall.
A comparison of
human and chimp genes.
The human
life cycle.
Oreopithecus walk upright?
Otavipithecus - a 13 million year old ape.
View some
3-D rotations of fossil hominid skulls.
The skull of
Australopithecus afarensis.
Analysis of the
foot bones of Australopithecus africanus.
A possible
Homo erectus jaw from Europe.
Did the Neandertals play the
Cave art recovered from an
underwater cave.
Read about the possibility of a new
flu pandemic.
Find out about
prehistoric disease in Chile.
Find out about human
aging and longevity.


Some fun with the Welch language
Take the Lucy test
You should know what's going on with Creation Science

Archaeology students should have a look at The Lithic Site to learn about lithic analysis
Exerpts from relevant journals are posted atThe Origins of Humankind site.
A necessary skill for any field worker today is GIS. Learn some of the terminology at The GIS Dictionary
Interested in getting your own fossil crania reproduction? Link to Cranium magnum for sales options as well as some comparative data on skulls
Are you are looking for a summer field school ?

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