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Reading Assignments for Anthropology 101

The primary purpose of this Web page is to provide links to useful and interesting Web pages that relate to the topics covered in this
introductory course. The following list of chapter titles correspond to the major topics in the course.
Each one provides a web link to a listing of relevant Web sites.

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First Exam

Second Exam

Final Exam

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Chapter 1: Investigating the Nature of Humankind

Chapter 4: Population Genetics

Chapter 6: People's Place in Nature

Chapter 8: Comparative Studies:Anatomy & Genetics

Chapter 11: The Record of the Past

Chapter 13: The Early Hominids

Chapter 2: The Study of Heredity

Chapter 5: Natural Selecction & the Origin of Species

Chapter 7: The Living Primates


Chapter 12: The Nonhominid Primate Fossil Record

Chapter 14:Early Species of The Genus Homo

Chapter3: The Modern Study of Human Genetics






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